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There is no right or wrong way to do this

but to get the most from your intents, ideally you would:


Read through the astrology

Each month Cathy Towle, our resident Astrologer, lets us know the energy of each new moon and what aspects we need to tap to attract the most abundance.

Over 12 months we will tap into each area of the zodiac wheel giving us the chance to tap the 12 core aspects of life and beyond.


Enjoy A Specific Meditation For The Energy Of Each New Moon

Margaret Gill has recorded a beautiful relaxing meditation in the energy of each of the 12 Zodiac Signs to help you fully embrace the energies of each new moon. The backing music is gifted by Glenn over at the Chill Sessions and is designed to help you open up your neural pathways allowing you to bring more calm, clarity and focus to your New Moon Abundance Intents.

Try One Right Here


New Moon Possibilities

Grace Ambrook has created The New Moon Essence of Possibilities Abundance grids that will help you tap the energy of the natural elements. The grid is like an abundance compass locking your intents into the energy of the earth. This is a very powerful way for you to connect to the energy of the earth while sending your new moon intents out to the cosmos with the expectation that they will manifest all in good universal time.


Write Your Abundance Cheque

You can either download our template to write your Abundance Cheque or you could even consider putting your unique stamp on your intents and design your own cheque each month. There are no hard and fast rules on how you write your cheque and sometimes you might even use something like Evernote to record your intents. It is totally up to you how you express your intents, what is important that you write them somewhere!


Watch the relaxing video below will allow your Abundance Intents to embed fully and perhaps inspire you to keep using the intents on a daily basis to bring you even more abundance each and every day.

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Feedback From Just A Few Of Our Awesome Subscribers

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that we have been so blessed with abundance since doing our Abundance Cheques.  Just this last month, we have experienced an abundance of money, enough to buy my son a new saxophone that he needed, and we have also purchased a new camper trailer so we can enjoy some quality family time.  I have also embarked upon a writing career, with much encouragement from my meditation teacher - so much so that I am currently working with a publisher to get the book printed.

How wonderful is the universe that we can enjoy such treasures.

Thank you for your wonderful website and the news you bring us each month.

Much love to you and your team.

- Rachel

Hi Margaret,

My husband and I have two son's, ages 25.9 years and 26 years of age. Our 26 year old son was working in a low paid job for 18 months earning $11.00 an hour. He never liked the job, however recently he has obtained a very well paying job which he loves; it is a 4 year apprentice program which the company will pay for the schooling and the benefits are generous.

Good testimony of abundance, yes.

In truth and love,

- Kim

Hi Margaret

I have been doing my regular Abundance Cheques for about 3 years now and truly believe that they work.  I tell all my friends about them and some of them are sceptical until they try it.  I always receive what I need and not what I want but it is usually closely related.  Last month I received a fabulous offer at work and while we are not rich, my husband and I are truly blessed with family, friends and an abundance of the things we used take for granted.

I also appreciate your reminder when the abundance cheque is due.  Thanks Margaret, I believe my life is richer and I have great faith (not religious) that the universe will deliver all that I need because of you.

- Jane, VIC, Australia

I wrote my first abundance cheque a few days ago. And today i have got 3 clients today. And another booked in for next week. I used to have none or 1 a week. Perhaps my result is not as fantastic as those profitable practitioners out there, but i am still very thankful and i will be one of them very soon.

- Kaikit, NSW Australia

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