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 Scroll Down to Find Out More About Free New Moon Abundance Cheque Reminders
What Are New Moon Abundance Checks?
New Moon Abundance Cheques Are a Tool We Can Use to Naturally Attract More Abundance in Our Lives.
when do i write them?
what makes them work ?
what will I get?

New Moon Abundance Cheques are written within 24 hours after a New Moon. 

Should you wish you can sign up at this website to get a complimentary email reminder each month to write your Abundance Cheque just before the time of the New Moon. 

You don’t even need a cheque book or even believe they work, it is just a fun thing to do each month if you believe in the power of the Universal Laws of Abundance. 

If you write the cheques with good intent, the results will be the same, more abundance for you.

Surprisingly, you really don’t even need to believe that the cheque will work when you write it.

I believe what makes them work is that energy follows focus. 

Have you ever noticed that the things you are most focused on is what appears in your life?

If you are fearful about something and keep focusing on it, it appears!

So it is no co-incidence that when we focus on getting more abundance – that is what shows up. It really is that simple. 

You will however be amazed at the results, as over time the more your write your cheques and the more focused you become when you write your cheques, you will see increased abundance in some area of your life each month. 

When people ask me what they will get, I love to quote the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want ..... But You Get What You Need”.  

Abundance comes in many shapes and sizes so it is not always financial, but what you get is generally in an area that you need, even if you hadn't realised at the time that you may need it.

Many subscribers report that they get things they've been wanting for a long time. 

Sometimes unexpected things show up that they've been focused on for ages.  

Sometimes things show up that they knew they should have dealt with earlier ...... so always be careful what you ask for when you write them!

Example of a Completed New Moon Abundance Cheque
Here in Australia we write "Abundance Cheques" but in some countries it would be spelt “Abundance Checks” – it doesn't matter how you spell it, it's just like you are writing a “cheque” or “check” from the Bank of Abundance.
Yes you can create your own cheque, use your own cheque book or simply download our template.
As you write your cheque or check the Abundance Cheque Team give you tools that encourage and help you to create a powerful mindset around abundance. The more you hone and strengthen your mindset, the more abundance you will naturally attract in your life.
This process must occur within 24 hours after a New Moon, hence why you need the reminder to ensure you don't forget.
We have taken the traditional Abundance Cheque Concept and Added A Couple of Twists and Called the Ritual Abundance Intents
..... the lovely thing is, there are no hard and fast rules, you can do your ritual anyway you like, but this is what your subscription includes:
Abundance Intents Have Three Optional Connection Points
Align More of Your Senses to Attract More Abundance
Abundance Cheques Chakra Alignment Video
The best way to attract more in your life is to have as many of your different senses aligned and working for you ..... hence why we added ritual to your Abundance Cheque writing process

1.  By spending no more than 10 minutes each month relaxing your body and doing a guided meditation helps bring your body to a relaxed state and gives your energy centres the change to align.

A relaxed and aligned body has much more chance of attracting abundance than one that is stressed out.

2.  By spending no more than 10 minutes each month relaxing your body and doing a guided meditation helps bring your body to a relaxed state and gives your energy centres the change to align.

A relaxed and aligned body has much more chance of attracting abundance than one that is stressed out.

3.  By spending no more than 10 minutes each month relaxing your body and doing a guided meditation helps bring your body to a relaxed state and gives your energy centres the change to align.

A relaxed and aligned body has much more chance of attracting abundance than one that is stressed out.

To Support Your Attraction You Reminders Will Include:
  • Timely Email - you will receive a reminder email just before the new moon occurs. 
  • Time Details - Your reminder email will contain links where you can check the exact date and time the New Moon occurs in your time zone.
  • Template To Use - Time Details - Your reminder email will contain links where you can check the exact date and time the New Moon occurs in your time zone.
  • Connect to the Energy - You will be gifted a complimentary New Moon Meditation to help you tap into the energy of the particular moon cycle that month.
  • Align With The Possibilities - You can complete the Essence of Possibility intents in a compass like fashion to connect fully with the energy 
  • Relax With The Video - You may wish to finish watching the relaxation mediation video after you have written your Abundance Cheque.
  • Full Moon Reminder - Should you wish you can also add a Full Moon reminder to your subscription so you remember to honour the full moon, so you can review your intents from the new moon and see how you're travelling and also remember to put your crystals out in the moonlight to cleanse.
There is No Right or Wrong Way to Do Your Intents
but to get the most from your intents, ideally you would follow this 5 step process:
Familiarise yourself with the astrological energy of the cycle

Read through the astrology
Each month Cathy Towle, our resident Astrologer, lets us know the energy of each new moon and what aspects we need to tap to attract the most abundance. Over 12 months we will tap into each area of the zodiac wheel giving us the chance to tap the 12 core aspects of life and beyond.

Listen to the complimentary 10 minute meditation

Enjoy A Specific Meditation For The Energy Of The Moon

Margaret Gill has recorded a beautiful relaxing meditation in the energy of each of the 12 zodiac signs to help you fully embrace the energies of each new moon. The backing music is gifted by Glenn over at the Chill Sessions and is designed to help you open up your neural pathways allowing you to bring more calm, clarity and focus to your New Moon Abundance Intents.

Lock in your intents with affirmations of possibilities

New Moon Possibilities
Grace Ambrook has created The New MoonEssence of Possibilities Abundance grids that will help you tap the energy of the natural elements. The grid is like an abundance compass locking your intents into the energy of the earth. This is a very powerful way for you to connect to the energy of the earth while sending your new moon intents out to the cosmos with the expectation that they will manifest all in good universal time.

Write Your Abundance Cheque

Write Your Abundance Cheque
You can either download our template to write your Abundance Cheque or you could even consider putting your unique stamp on your intents and design your own cheque each month. There are no hard and fast rules on how you write your cheque and sometimes you might even use something like Evernote to record your intents. It is totally up to you how you express your intents, what is important that you write them somewhere!

Watch the relaxing video and allow your Abundance Intents to fully embed


Watch the relaxing video below will allow your Abundance Intents to embed fully and perhaps inspire you to keep using the intents on a daily basis to bring you even more abundance each and every day.

But truly ......... it's OK to do whatever feels right for you!
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Why You Need A Reminder Email
It's Easy To Forget
The Window Is Only Open 24 Hours
Get It Right In Your TimeZone

Time flies through the hour glass fast.  We all have busy lives and it's easy to forget your Abundance Ritual unless a timely email arrives in your inbox ensuring you never forget an opportunity to bring more abundance to your life.

The monthly window of opportunity to tap into more abundance is only open for 24 hours - it's important you don't forget so a regular reminder is a great way to ensure you never miss an opportunity to draw more abundance to you.

Your reminder will carry a link that allows you to check the correct times in your time zone.  Without this you could be writing your cheque at the worst time of the month - a couple of minutes does make the difference!

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The 5 Easy Steps to Writing Your 
Abundance Cheque
Image of a completed Abundance Check example
How To Write Your Abundance Cheque

Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a cheque (check) from your chequebook (checkbook) or print out our template, or create one of your own.

Where it says "Pay to," write your name, then in the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write "Paid in full"

Sign the cheque (check): "The Law of Abundance"

Put it in a safe place and forget about it.

The Universe will take it from there.

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Meet The Crew

Margaret Gill is a corporate refugee and is the tech wizard that puts together all the web based "stuff", keeping the Abundance Cheque Community getting their reminders (most of the time!)

When not at the keyboard Margaret is a personal development coach, behind the scenes implementation expert and thought provoking, engaging and inspiring speaker with a quirky rebellious style that motivates people to heed their inner voice, act upon their dreams and lead from the heart. Margaret helps mission driven people identify then implement the commercial reality within their dream. She lives in the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland Australia.

Cathy Towle of Brooklyn New York is the fabulous resident astrologer at Abundance Cheques, each month sharing her insights and wisdom with our community.

Cathy is a Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Shamanic Healer, Speaker, and Author.  Her work with the United Nations, the Center for Integrative Wellness, Deepak Chopra’s Global Leadership Institute, and as the Executive Director of The Institute for Sacred Activism have given her the opportunity to bring a spiritual perspective into large institutions. Presently, Cathy is in private practice in Brooklyn, NY as a small business coach, intuitive life coach, writer and teacher. 

Grace Ambrook knows all about possibilities. And that’s what her abundance grids help you do each month. Open up the possibilities of abundance.

Purpose and possibilities are perfect dancing partners and in her work mentoring women to fulfill their soul purpose, Grace definitely engages with divine possibilities. In truth, her gift is talking with Spirit at a soul level.

This way you get right to the core of your Destined work, develop a healthy relationship with abundance of all kinds and fulfill your potential. Abundantly empowering. Grace lives in the luscious Noosa Hinterland, Australia.

Meditation Music Provided By Glenn Heaton and Geoff McGarvey from The Chill Sessions

Glenn and Geoff are award winning composers and sound engineers who very generously gifted the music used on the Abundance Cheque Meditations.  They also provide the beautiful backing music and the video on the home page of this site. "The Chill Sessions", is a content service for private practitioners, that enables them to create their own branded cd's and dvd's using our library of material. It is an awesome system where you can easily download tracks from their website and create your own CDs and MP3 files. The Chill Session boys also coach practitioners in how to record their own voice and videos, plus give them an extensive 'vault' of pre-recorded spoken word, music, still images, video and scripts that can be customized for use in their practice. You can find out more here

Subscriber Feedback
every now and then I find emails like this in my inbox from people who have benefitted greatly from their abundance intent ritual .........
these emails make my heart sing!!
Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that we have been so blessed with abundance since doing our Abundance Cheques. Just this last month, we have experienced an abundance of money, enough to buy my son a new saxophone that he needed, and we have also purchased a new camper trailer so we can enjoy some quality family time. I have also embarked upon a writing career, with much encouragement from my meditation teacher – so much so that I am currently working with a publisher to get the book printed. How wonderful is the universe that we can enjoy such treasures. Thank you for your wonderful website and the news you bring us each month. Much love to you and your team. 

Rachel via email 21 Feb 2012 
Hi Margaret, 

My husband and I have two son’s, ages 25.9 years and 26 years of age. Our 26 year old son was working in a low paid job for 18 months earning $11.00 an hour. He never liked the job, however recently he has obtained a very well paying job which he loves; it is a 4 year apprentice program which the company will pay for the schooling and the benefits are generous. Good testimony of abundance, yes. 

In truth and love, Kim   

Feel free to share your abundance stories by emailing me and don’t forget to give me permission in the email to share your story on the website.

Transparency Statement:  Please note, specific results can vary between different people.  It's a free service and if you find you don't like it or it doesn't work for you, you can automatically unsubscribe at the click of a button.
Hi Margaret 

I have been doing my regular Abundance Cheques for about 3 years now and truly believe that they work. I tell all my friends about them and some of them are sceptical until they try it. I always receive what I need and not what I want but it is usually closely related. Last month I received a fabulous offer at work and while we are not rich, my husband and I are truly blessed with family, friends and an abundance of the things we used take for granted. I also appreciate your reminder when the abundance cheque is due. Thanks Margaret, I believe my life is richer and I have great faith (not religious) that the universe will deliver all that I need because of you. 

Jane, VIC, Australia  
I wrote my first abundance cheque a few days ago. And today i have got 3 clients today. And another booked in for next week. I used to have none or 1 a week. Perhaps my result is not as fantastic as those profitable practitioners out there, but i am still very thankful and I will be one of them very soon. 

Kaikit, NSW Australia  
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What If I Do It Wrong?

I get many people writing in being worried that they may have written their cheque too late or at the wrong time.

It's not so much about the dates, as the energy of the cycles we are tapping into. I hope this diagram will help you understand the logic of the moon cycles.  It is recommend you write your Abundance Cheque 24 hours after the new moon simply because that is when the moon is starting to grow in intensity so it gives you the most time during the month to benefit from the energy. If you miss that time frame, you won't turn into a toad or anything like that, you just won't be tapping into the full strength of the cycle. 

Think of it like the tide - as it comes in it is growing in intensity and at the peak of the tide the water is as far up the beach as it can come, then it turns and heads back out again and at the exact low tide moment it is at its least intensity. So at the exact moment of the new moon cycle commencing, the energy is neutral and then seconds later, after it goes neutral it starts growing.  So if you put your intents out then for things to grow, then they will develop with that intensity.  So the sooner you get your wishes into that new moon cycle, the longer they will be growing with the energy. As the moon reaches its full strength in those last 24 hours, that time is pretty darn potent!  After the full moon is a good time to release stuff or let go of things.  So in the 24 hours after a full moon - that's a good time to start a weight loss program. 

You will see its more about how you tap into the energy if the moon cycles that matter.  

For instance,  I would never do anything confronting at a full moon because it will confront at full force - if you were doing something nurturing - it will nurture at full force.  I hope you can see that the full moon can be used in many ways, you just have to be careful what activities you do around that time. Introducing new things after a new moon cycle, well it isn’t impossible but you will be fighting against that diminishing energy, so best to start new things at the new moon cycle. So just after a full moon is the best time to start a diet because the diminishing energy will support that intent. Don’t ever try to do anything emotionally charged near a full moon because it will be full on - so if you want something full on to occur then of course that is when you do it. But bear in mind the intensity is at its peak for about four days - two going up to it and two moving away from it. It takes 28 days to run a full cycle and it spends 14 days waning (lessening in intensity) and 14 days waxing (growing in intensity). 

I hope my little diagram will help explain cos it is important to get why we write the cheques at during a new moon and why the timing is so important.

But even having said all this - the human spirit can do some pretty amazing things when it really needs to, so if you feel strongly about going against the tide, then simply discern for self if its the right time for you. The cycles of the moon just help to give us maximum benefit from their energy. 

Many of the indigenous cultures plant their crops by the moon cycles.  In fact one of my aunties was a brilliant gardener and would never plant outside the moon cycles.  My Mum always thought it a load of old hogwash and used to plant any old time.  Both got still got great results.  

So I guess what I'm saying is ...... don't let anything stop you if you really want to do it!

Why Is This Free?

Abundance Cheques are an age old tradition and to be honest they found me via a random email.  When I first read about the concept of Abundance Cheques I set up my shoppingcart to send me a reminder each month so I wouldn't forget to write my own Abundance Cheque.  Then the whole thing just grew and got more abundant!

I invited a few friends to join me
Friends of friends wanted to subscribe
So I created a website
 People started to suggest improvements
Strangers started to subscribe
Strangers told their friends & they started to subscribe
Friends of stranger's friends started to subscribe
The Chill Sessions said I could use their beautiful music with their compliments .... so I added free meditations each month
More friends of strangers friends subscribed!
Then Grace Ambrook added the Essence of Possibility to the mix
More people subscribed!
Then we got a FaceBook Page & People Started to Like Us
Now hundreds of people in 51 different countries write Abundance Cheques from my reminders every month

 This reminds me ............ abundance loves company!
It also reminds me ...... despite what happens on our planet, we are all one and together we can make a difference even if we never meet in person!
There have been some amazing studies done on what happens when large groups of people all focus on the same thing at the same time with great outcomes. I figure this process does some good in the world because so many people are focusing on abundance, even if it's just for a couple of minutes each month, we make a small but positive dent in the universe by embracing the potential of abundance.  

I am beyond needing to know how it works, I just know it does work. 

Abundance Cheques are designed to be a fun thing to do.  

The outcome you get is about your pure intent and how you focus it and what actions you take. There are certainly no guaranteed outcomes but the people who write their cheques every month frequently report wonderful things coming into their life. 

So there are no tricks up the sleeve - its totally free and you can unsubscribe via automated links at any time.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I miss a month?
No problem, just start again the following month.

This is a fun thing to do and isn’t meant to cause angst.

You can’t do them “wrong”.

Energy follows focus and the actual act of your sitting down writing the cheque is focusing your energy on what you want and desire. Doing it at a new moon of course just taps into the Universal energy available to everyone, but your intent is helping focus the energy your way.
Have you had some good feedback from people about their increased abundance?
From time to time people write in and tell me they have attracted all sorts of things from cans of baked beans they weren’t expecting right up to a new car so it seems all sorts of things are possible.
I’ve written my first Abundance cheque. Should I be writing on the back of it what area of my life I would like more abundance, or just “paid in full”?
There are no rules with Abundance Cheques – if this strategy works for you then you could keep doing it however it is really meant to be that you simply write them and forget them and see what they bring for you.

If you put limitations on it you might stop yourself receiving something really big or really cool that you hadn’t thought of.

Remember too that if you want to receive you need to make space for it by giving.
When Should I Throw the Cheques I’ve Already Written Away?
That really is up to you.

Friends gave me a gift in a beautiful box with a butterfly on the top and its is quite a large box. Each month I just pop my cheque in that box and they are all still in there. One day it will fill up and I’m going to have to decide what to do with them but for now I’m happy with a box full of abundance sitting on the shelf in my office.

You may wish to create a ritual where you burn the old cheques (in a safe place of course) and send the intent up to the sky. You may wish to bury them and ask Mother Earth to look after them for you.

What is important is that they are honoured and given proper release when you dispose of them. Just scrunching them up and putting them in the bin doesn’t sit quite right with me, then again you might be totally good with that and that’s perfect with me too.

Hi Denise,

I’d say if it’s working for you then don’t mess with it!

The idea of not dating the cheques is so you don't put restriction on Universal flow (meaning it can only deliver in that month) – by not dating them you are intending that the energy in any particular month can be delivered at any time but whereas if you date then you are limiting that month’s abundance to come in during a “from to period” but as I say – if they are working for you by dating them – just keep on doing them your way.

It is more about the intent you set as you write them and the continued intent that is important. You obviously have a great connection to abundant flow so don’t mess with the formula :-)

People seem to need some guidelines when writing them but if you have found something works for you then just on doing it and keep on enjoying the flow! Luv Mz M xx

Hi Robyn,

Great question ...... when I had a permanent residence I used to store them in a lovely big box with big butterfly wings on the top and they lived in my office but when I sold my house I burned them all and sent them back to the Universe. I was surprised how many there were, then I remembered Abundance Cheques have been with me for over 10 years and most of them were still in the box! 

Now it depends where I am in the world, if I'm travelling I'll write them in Evernote and they live there and if I'm somewhere special I may take them out and bury them or safely burn them in a terracotta pot or something like that and send them back to nature. I don't always get to do all the steps and sometimes I just look up to the sky and honour the energy, particularly if I'm on a plane or transiting through an airport. But really it's about whatever feels right at the time  

Trust that helps - Luv Mz M xx

Do we have to throw out the cheques we write each month?
Great question from Martin - answer below:

Hi Margaret, 

On which date are we going to destroy the check we wrote on the new moon?


Hi Martin,

It’s up to you when you release them - a lot of people put them in a special place and keep them for years, others prefer to have some sort of ritual that either burns them or flushes them, that would usually be on the full moon when the energy is at full strength.  

It is always a good idea at the full moon to review any intents you made at the new moon (doesn’t matter if you didn’t make specific intents, but some people like to do that).  

I used to have a lovely butterfly box I put mine in and when I moved I finally burned years worth and sent the wishes back to the universe.

So really it’s what feels right for you, but they are open cheques so the wishes are out there forever, so you could even write it and then destroy it if that felt right for you.  

The actual cheque is just part of the ritual or intent that sets the wishes in motion.

Trust that helps - Luv Mz M xx

Does it matter if I’m a few days late?
Of course it’s always best to write them within the correct period but if you miss it by a few days it just means that you won’t have tapped into the full upward momentum of the energy. But by using your intent to connect with the energy, it will of course still help you going up to a full moon.

Never write them after the full moon because the energy is “wanning” or lessening and it will have the reverse, less desired effect and you could end up by decreasing your abundance.

But the more vigilant you can be about writing your cheques just after the new moon – the more of that energy will go into manifesting your wishes and desires.

That’s why I created Abundance Cheque Reminders so I wouldn’t forget – you can sign up to get an email reminder each month here.
I do not have a cheque account so I thought I would create my own?
Yes, mostly certainly you can do this. In fact I think your creative energy you put into the design of your own cheques would be a wonderful way to further enhance the focus of your intent.

I’m currently using an old cheque book I had in the draw but once that is full – I will just create my own and print them out from my small printer.

What is really important is that you actually write the cheques in pen – as there is additional magic created between the pen and the eye. I think it has something to do with the fact that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

So I’d recommend you print out a supply of blank cheques and physically write them up each month and store them somewhere special.

We have also created a set of cheques if you can’t make your own up – simply click here to download the file so you can print them off
What happens if nothing happens when I write my cheques?
Some people have instant reaction, some it takes a bit longer.

Some people also are getting stuff but not recognising it. It is like going to the gym – you exercise the abundance muscle each month and it gets bigger with time. Maybe have a look back and see if little things are manifesting. One subscriber reported some friends bought him around a few cans of food because they were moving and didn’t want to pack them. You might not think that very big but he was grateful and recognised it. A few months later he wrote and told me about a business venture that just came together so effortlessly that he had to pinch himself to believe it.

The key with these cheques is to be grateful for anything that comes to you, keep writing them and keep celebrating and being grateful.

For me they don’t always bring specific things but my class numbers keep getting bigger. I’m meeting more people who can support me. My re-financing deal went through with ease and I found a car $3,000 under one similar I’d looked at days before. They don’t just bring big bags of money they bring abundance on all levels so maybe go back and see if small things are appearing.

I’m currently reading a book called Ask and It Is Given and they say that we learn to manifest in small increments – very few of us have the emotional ability to conquer up a big barrel of money first time out but with each action we take we get closer to the bigger things we want. I have a big pile of Abundance Cheques sitting in my office and each one is out there in the Universe rounding something up and sending stuff back – you need to be consistent and persistent and celebrate and be grateful for everything that comes our way.

Abundance is also a two way street – what you give is what you get back. So maybe if don’t think the cheques are working, maybe have a close look at what you are giving to the world.

Also, if you don’t think they are working, then you can just unsubscribe and try a different method – the old adage is as true here as it is anywhere else “different strokes for different folks” – there might be another method out there that works better for you, but there are enough happy stories coming through from my own life and others to know that Abundance Cheques definitely work for me.

Hi Felicity

Crystals have a habit of finding you – best place is a reputable spiritual/crystal/angel type store, often you will find people selling crystals at markets.  

What is important is that the source feels right to you. My friend buys them on eBay and saves a heap, but that is always a buyer beware situation – ask questions of the buyer and if you get good responses that show the people care and have a genuine reason for parting with their crystals, then you can get some real bargains.  

There are also a lot of people treating crystals disrespectfully so just be careful in those open ended market type situations. 

There are also many online stores where you can buy crystals, but I still prefer to meet mine in person first. If you are seeking crystals, start thinking you would like the right one to find you and be ready for when they show up in your life. My friend Susan Joy Coombes sells beautiful crystals and hand picks everyone she sells only trouble is she is in Australia so you’d have the additional cost of postage, but she is a crystal master and you could book a session with her tell her the situation you want help with and she would know the exact which one is right for you. 

But at the end of the day, the right ones always find you and then move on when they are finished with you, so my best advice is just to be open.  

Luv Mz M xx

What Are the Crystals You Mention in the Full Moon Reminders?
Great question from Martin - answer below:

Hi Margaret,  

Thank you for sending me the full moon date. You also said, "Don't Forget To Put Your Crystals Out". What are these crystals?  


Hi Martin,

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have any crystals, some people collect crystals (the sort the earth creates naturally) and they put them out in the moonlight to cleanse.  But doesn’t matter if you don’t have any.  


Never Miss Out On The Opportunity Each Month to Tap Into the Natural Luna Energy to Help You Achieve More Abundance In Your Life
Got Comments, Questions, Ideas, Suggestions?
We love to hear from you, so if you have a win you'd like to share or if you have a comment, question or idea then simply pop it in below.
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