Gemini – New Moon Possibilities

New Moon Possibilities

By using each of the affirmations below over the moon cycle you are further enhancing your alignment to the energies present. It is in these alignments that we co-create opportunity to fulfil all that is possible.


Do this at the time you write your new moon abundance cheque – before or after is up to you.

Start facing the direction indicated and read the affirmation provided. Continue around in a clockwise direction.

For the Gemini new moon, start in the North.

If you are following the cycle closely, you may like to also use them at quarter and three quarter moons and full moon as a bonus. Click here for the appropriate dates in your timezone.

The affirmations are ideally read while facing each direction. But for those of us who are not so savvy with directions, the illustration engages the energy of the four directions with the energy of a particular Essence of Possibilities for you.


The Essence of Possibilities are eight vibrational remedies and symbols that work together to create fields of energy in which you are supported to fulfil the possibilities in your life.

They come together here, in a combination aligned with the stars and the four directions to support you on the road of abundance.

New Moon Possibilities are provided by Grace Ambrook of Azozea

Suggest you may even wish to print the affirmations out and write your cheque on the back

Printable version here

Gemini New Moon Abundance Cheque Meditation


Simply find a quiet space without interuption.

You can either be sitting upright in a chair or lying on the floor.

Try to quiet your mind and “feel, sense or imagine” the journey this meditation will take you on.  Don’t worry if you don’t “see” anything, everyone experiences things differently.

You may find that you go on a different journey and that is just fine, you are free to “see” whatever is right for you, or to follow along with what I am saying in any way that feels right for you.

After the meditation is finished it is recommended that you follow the Essence of Possibility compass that is shared in your abundance cheque reminder, stating the intents out loud toward each direction (most mobile phones have some sort of compass app these days) or just do your best to figure out the approximate directions.  Then set your intents for the month and then write your Abundance Cheque in the understanding that in the words of the Rolling Stones, “we don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need”.

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Gemini New Moon Abundance Cheque Meditation

Duration:  09:32 mins


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